Tips For Avoiding The Debt Collector

No one wants to be in debt to anyone.  When we are in debt, we feel ashamed, as if we are drowning and can’t get out of the ever-sinking hole.  When we are in debt, it just feels as if we will never be able to do what we want to do or have the freedom to live our own lives.

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If this sounds like you and you are in desperate search of debt collection solutions fairfield nj, then start with some of these tips and tricks to get you started down the road of being debt free.

Pay more than the minimum

On all of your bills you will see a minimum payment amount.  This minimum payment is what your debt will accept as valid payment.  If you pay below this but still pay, they will take the money, but it won’t count towards your minimum.  This is why you always want to pay above the minimum payment.  When you pay more, you are actually working off interest as well as the principal.

Pick up a side hustle

A side hustle is a job or way of making some extra money in your spare time.  This can be writing articles, books, or teaching.  You can also find stuff around the house or at flea markets to sell online.  The idea behind the side hustle is to take your extra time and flip it for extra cash.  This can be done at your own pace and time.

Negotiate with your creditors

At the end of the day your creditors just want to get their initial money back and a little interest for their efforts.  With this in mind going to your creditors, talking to them and seeing if you can strike up a deal with lower interest rates, a lower minimum payment or whatever they are willing to do.  In most cases this will work, whereas in others it may not.  The truth is, you will never know unless you try.